jinoki (jinoki) wrote,

Christmas party goodies

We had a christmas party the night before, everyone got presents for everyone else, and a lot of them were home made. It was super sweet, and we had a lot of fun, even going down to Eugene to raid Toys R Us and Voodoo donuts down in Eugene.

I got a lot of really cool stuff. Got an adorable draft horse toy, homemade soaps, several burned CDs with awesome music on them, cookies with a darling felted Mushroom and a mushroom necklace, candies and a tiny adorable doll of Locke, and a really warm tie blanket!

I slept with it last night and fuck was it warm and comfy.

Next week is my birthday. I will be turning 23. Don't have anything planned since I have to work the 14th and the day after, so I can't really go out. I would have done something this weekend or next, but the christmas party and christmas tree adventure were this weekend and next is my friend Corey's big birthday bash.  It's not that bad though, I'll just hang out at home.

Tags: personal life friends fun

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