jinoki (jinoki) wrote,

Found out yesterday that sometime between May and July my best friend will be moving all the way down to 29 Palms California. Her husband is going to be down there (he is a Marine) and she wants to be with her husband. I'm very happy for her, but I feel very sad as well. I won't have my best friend around anymore. I will get to come and visit and things like that, but she's going to be miles away. Kind of a sobering thought.

I just want her to be happy. At least I'll be able to call her and chat with her online. That is pretty good too. I'm just going to miss having her around and going on our silly little mini adventures around town. She's pretty much the only friend I have nearby that hangs with me constantly and pretty much the only irl friend I can talk about certain 'taboo' things with.

I'm really going to miss her so much.
Tags: bawww, feelings, friends, life, personal

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