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I've decided its time to get in shape. So, I'm starting exercising and watching what I eat. I will be grazing throughout the day on little meals to keep me from over eating (I tend to snack a lot) and watch the amount of sugar I consume.

Gonna start jogging.

I exercised a little today and while it was extremely tiring, it feels good to actually be doing something physical instead of sitting around most of the day. I have to buy some running shoes and a few sports bras since I no longer have any that fit.

Its get healthy time!

If anyone has any good advice, its more than welcome. Encouragement too. <:3
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Watch this

I watched this after hearing about it from Omegasama on FA.
The animation in this is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. It's so simple and yet complex the next moment. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a must see if only for the gorgeous animation. The story that went along with it was enjoyable as well, making the overall movie just... gosh I loved it. <3
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Lack of rp the last few weeks has been rather terrible. Not like I should be rping all the time, but I miss sitting in the evenings and going on my little adventures. :x Also nice to fiddle with it between chores.

Have lots to do tomorrow, including watching my nephew. Don't know if I will survive the venture, but we'll see. Getting twenty bucks out of it is a good incentive. Have to take commissions again and save up money. I'm not going to be able to do much with the itty bitty amount still in the bank account. Saving time.
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2010 to-do list

-Work on comics (trollxelf, The Surprise, Durga bondage)

- Have Savannah, Kitteh and anyone else up to it, critique sketches for improvement

- Practice backgrounds and scenery

- Improve coloring, gather tips and advice on different mediums


- Eat more organic and healthy foods

Will add more later as I think on it more. I'm sure I have a lot more to add on later.
serene Death

Thoughts on art and 2010

First off I am hoping that 2010 will hold a lot of good things for me. 2009 was not the greatest and though I know that there will be issues in 2010, that despite it all there will be good things. That is my hope.
I desperately crave the fresh, new year.

I want to feel better about my life and about myself.  I am going to try.

Now on to the art.

I'm trying very hard to improve. In some cases I am and in others I feel like I am not. I wish I had some sort of mentor to help me through things, because I know that if I had some help, I could improve my work so much easier. At times I feel like I am helplessly flailing and that each attempt gets worse and worse. I'm probably being too critical of myself half the time, but its hard not to be when surrounded by so many wonderful, talented people.

Just got to keep trying I suppose!
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Oh the things we drew as children...

I decided to clean my room and rearrange things last night so I would have more space for doing art and exercising. While I was looking through bins of old papers I found a bunch of art from elementary school and up. Needless to say, I was laughing myself sick in some cases. I was also floored by the huge progress from 2000 to 2009. I got better by leaps and bounds. Was quite an ego booster to tell the truth.

I might have to scan a few pieces and show them off so people can laugh at them with me. xD